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The Process

Step 1: The Initial Meeting

Here we welcome you to the Skyline team and answer any more questions you may have. This would be the time to bring any photos, floor plans, Pinterest boards to reflect what visions you have.



Step 2: Reservation

Reservation fee: $5,000

Reservation Contingency: 30 days

Once the contingency of 30 is over, the $5,000 reservation will be non-refundable.

*All reservation fee transfers to the retainer agreement.



Step 3: Retainer Agreement

A Retainer Agreement will begin the architectural drafting. During this period, you will have the chance to perfect your custom plan and get ready to close on your reserved lot.


Depending on the size of the home, there will be a deposit to begin the planning process.


3,000-4,999 sqft - $5,000 Non-Refundable

($5,000 transfers from Reservation to Retainer, making your balance $0.)

5,000+sqft - $10,000 Non-Refundable

($5,000 transfers from Reservation to Retainer, making your balance $5,000.)


The planning process includes the completion of architectural drafting and the permitting preparation.

*All checks are held without deposit until the closing of the lot.


Each home will be required to receive permitting within a 12 month period.


Step 4: Contract to Construct

A Contract to Construct will solidify your build with Skyline Building and Investments, INC. This is what your bank will ultimately be looking for. If you decide that you no longer want to build, the permitting package prepared will be yours to keep along with the drafted plans.

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